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I'll Be Back

A few months ago I am back to training seriously and I decided to prepare for a return to competition in 2017 or 2018. I started since 15 days and I hope with your help and the...

They Tell of Him

Sylvia Petriz: "We met 5 years ago... how time flies! Our union was obvious to us, less so to others. It was written, we were destined. When I think back, what could have...

Member Zone

My friends, we back to totally re-make our member zone. You will be able to find new photos and videos of my new prep to my comeback to the competitions in 2017...

Hi everybody! Alain here. I just want to give my opinion on the world of bodybuilding and its practitioners. Almost 30 years ago I discovered the sport of bodybuilding by chance, after participating in many other sports. I was quickly hooked and got into competition 23 years ago. My achievements: 5 league titles in France in three different categories including 1 unified title. 2 times vice champion of Europe, 7 times world finalist in three federations (Wabba, Nabba and WPF) 5th in World Wabba in 1997, Vice Mr. Universe WPF 2002, Mr. Universe WPF 2009, and 3rd World Nabba in 2009 (tied for second in points).

I have had over the years the opportunity to meet many athletes, men and women, from all walks of life, from all social classes: passionate and fascinating people ... if you are reading this you should know that it is never good to rely on preconceived ideas and you should ignore stereotypes! One is that a bodybuilder has an outsized physique and is intellectually handicapped without a mind of his own ... all in the arms, nothing in his head between his ears. This is a stereotype that is very convenient for all those who do not have the courage, discipline and mental strength to transform their bodies!

Take time to talk with them, to go beyond appearances: you will often be pleasantly surprised, believe me. And don't talk with disdain about how we bulk up: if you knew the amount of effort, suffering, self-sacrifice, discipline and control that this sport requires, you wouldn't say such things! It's a lifestyle choice. So, please, at a time when we talk about combating racism, don't be prejudiced against bodybuilders! Thank you for having the patience to read this, and know that it is NEVER TOO LATE to start sporting friendships.

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