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I'll Be Back

A few months ago I am back to training seriously and I decided to prepare for a return to competition in 2017 or 2018. I started since 15 days and I hope with your help and the support of my new partner CZ Nutrition to get this new challenge eight years after my last competition and a lot of injuries ... I regularly will make photos and videos to make you follow my evolution ... thank you very much for your continued support for many years friends! / 29 aug. 2016

My new Life

Hello, my friends! I'm back after a few years of absence; I hope you will forgive me, but so much has happened since I won my Universe title at the end of 2009!

Following my last competion, I struggled to recover; it took me over a year. I think I had accumulated too much fatigue and stress over the last twenty years with my job (24 hours on call) and all my competitions. I had other things to do as well, and was only getting an average of 3-4 hours of sleep a night at best.

In 2011, I intended to gear my training in order to make the world Wabba in 2012. I took the bull by the horns, but in November I tore my hamstring and right femoral sheath at the same time. The result - months without training, demotivation....and from then on I had more physical problems with my shoulders, back, and so on .. my body said stop I've had enough!

In 2012, I was able to retire early and I left Dijon to settle in the south near the Grande Motte (near Montpellier) and met my darling in 2011 (by the way thank you facebook!). I took the training very easy but with pain everywhere, there was nothing good about it............and I was more focused on Sylvia's training. We decided to start preparing for the WPF in France.

In 2012, we found our little love nest: a nice house with pool 15 minutes from the beaches.......our dream! And we married in August. Meanwhile Sylvia won competitions in France and Europe, and qualified for the Universe competition in November 2012; however, we decided to defer that competition to 2013 so we could have time to correct any weaknesses. We had 18 months of hard work, mad sessions of incredible intensity and never faltering (though there were some tears!). So she was in extraordinary shape for the Universe competition in Italy where she took second place with her fine physique, one point behind the Dutch girl. There was plenty of debate about who should have won ... but for me (and not only me) Sylvia had won. She had a great preparation over two years and achieved an incredible transformation.

In 2014, I was unable to train at all because of unbearable pain in the left shoulder for months and finally I had to have surgery again in Montpellier on my biceps tendon. That was fixed with a screw that breaks the growths at the joint, and also some other complicated procedures. And then I could gradually resume training. It has all been very expensive and depressing, but now for about 4-5 months I have been able to do some real training even if the intensity is no longer what it was. I am limited by my shoulder and my back but I'm holding on and I am looking more muscular again :).

I am often asked the question, what about the competitions? When will you be back on the stage again? I do not know, it depends on so many things ... first of all of course my body, you would agree with that? My wife says yes .. so we'll see how it goes. For competition I'll have to achieve a super level of training, I don't want to look bad in competition! So I am on my journey again ... and it is so good to have my life with the woman I love without all the stress of the last few years, growing together. Univers fin 2009. Avec mon ami et webmaster nous allons redonner un peu de vie à ce site promis !

Suite à ma dernière compet donc, j'ai eu beaucoup de mal récupérer il m'a fallut plus d'un an, je pense que j'avais accumulé beaucoup trop de fatigue et de stress durant ces vingt dernières années, mon boulot (24h d'affilee) mes compets avec tout ce, que ça comprend, plus mes activités annexes et le tout avec en moyenne 3 à 4 h de sommeil par nuit dans le meilleur des cas... / 21 feb. 2016

Mr. Universe WPF 2009

I am back from Italy where the Mr Universe WPF competition has taken place at Campobasso this week-end. My sporting dream has finally been realised. I have taken the Mr Universe title in the masters category. An unforgettable week-end, exhausting but very rich in emotions. I am waiting for photos and videos to allow you to share a few of these moments.
Here some short videos uploaded on Youtube:

1 ) com/watch? v=34MztZR5- is

2 ) com/watch? v=dF_SzfjByEo

3 ) com/watch? v=1v_KtLlp0_ M

4 ) com/watch? v=fDQdTQMMZiw

5 ) com/watch? v=ruKFysAuUqU

6 ) com/watch? v=D3ggEUlaxA0

Thanks to all my fans, that supported me a lot in my adventure.

Regards ALAIN  / 17 nov. 2009

NABBA-WFF World Championships 2009

On June 13 I took part in the NABBA/WFF World Championships in Kosice, Slovakia. I went with my friends in Team France - we stayed in a luxury hotel, and the competition was held in the Steel Arena ice hockey stadium. I had a good result, coming 3rd in the Masters 50+ category - and I was the only member of Team France to win a podium placing. I did not have the best of luck - I tied on points with the 2nd place winner, but lost out when the top and lowest marks given by the judges were deducted. So near...........!! I'm training hard now for the NABBA Universe competition which will be held in the UK in October 2009. With your help and support, I'm hoping for a good result there. / 18 jun. 2009

Ripert Body Show 2009

On 2 May I participated in the Ripert Body Show at La Ciotat. I came 2nd in my category, and 2nd in the couples with my friend Karen Felix (videos in the Members Area). My 2nd place qualified me to take part in the NABBA/WFF World Championship on June 13 in Kosice in Slovakia, in the Masters 50+ category. All the best to you all. / 30 may 2009

Return to Competition

Hello friends, 2008 is going well. I participated at the HERACLES cup at VILLEEFRANCHE SUR SAONE in April, I came second in the Over 40s Masters and on 10 May I won the Over 50 category at the RIPERT BODY SHOW at the CIOTAT and came 2nd in the Couples category with my friend KAREN FELIX. Coming 1st has allowed my to qualify for the UNIVERS NABBA on 4, 5 and 6 October in England. So now I'm ready for new adventures. Thank you all for your encouragement which helped me surpass myself. We will be putting new photos and videoas onto the siteof these competitions. All the best to you all. / 17 may 2008

Holiday in St Tropez

Here are some photos of my last holiday to Cannes and St Tropez, what memories! I had pulled a muscle in my right calf while training a fortnight earlier, it has now healed and I can continue training my legs very carefully. It seems that 2007 has not been a good year but I'm sure that 2008 will be a lot better. My next competition should be the "Top de Colmar" in April bearing in mind that I've had to turn down "Universe". Many thanks to you all and watch this space for more photos soon. / 03 oct. 2007

Good News

Good evening friends, Just a short message to tell you that I started training again about two months ago. I was unable to before due to an injury to my shoulder but that's just an old memory now. I'm back to some good training sessions. I hope to be ready for the next date in the calendar, that is Mr Universe in November with the pre-selections around October. So, I hope to see you then. I would like to keep you up to date with my progression by putting up some photos on the web site as well as some video clips. I'd like to thank you all for visiting the site regularly and I hope that you will keep coming back. See you soon, Bye bye. / 27 jun. 2007

New Look for the Official Website

Also, a warm welcome to all new visitors to my brand new website. First and foremost, I would like to thank my webmaster Paolo, who's done a terrific job at putting all this together! A big "thank you" to you Paolo! I hope you all will have a pleasant surfing experience through the pages of this site, whether you are a bodybuilder or not. Please, do not hesitate to contact me. I'll be delighted to answer to any questions and/or requests. / 28 jan. 2007

Alain's first Cinema Appearance

A piece of news for you all: I’ve got a small part in the new Claude Lelouch film, Roman d’une Gare (Station Story), with Fanny Ardant. Shooting 10 October at Beaune. My role (a big word for what’s really just an appearance) is a bodyguard. It’ll be a new experience for me, and I’ll try to take a few photos so I can share it with you. / 08 oct. 2006

A Difficult End of Year

Hello firiends. I will not be able to participate to the year's end competitions because of an injury to my shoulder which will cause me to interrupt my training for several months. It' a blow, obviously ( I might even need to have surgery...). However, I'll do my best to regain my good form as quickly as possible and be competitive again by the end of 2007. / 05 oct. 2006

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