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My Weekly Exercise Plan

Off-season I work out each muscle once a week.  My training is based on a four-day-per-week schedule. I will add one more day when I need it. I work out on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday are days off. My weekly exercise plan:

MONDAY : pecs, triceps or biceps (I change often)

TUESDAY : back, triceps or biceps

WEDNESDAY : day off (cardio)

THURSDAY : shoulders, leg biceps

FRIDAY : quadriceps, calves

SATURDAY and SUNDAY : day off (cardio)

As you can see, my training program is not revolutionary. I believe that all year round cardio is extremely important to stay fit. I usually do 3-5 exercises by body part with 6-15 reps. It is always a matter of feeling. For the "FULL EXERCISE PLAN", please visit the French Version of the site.

Training & Nutrition

My regime doesn’t change much throughout the year as far as diet is concerned – but the quantities do vary. I’m not making any more big weight-gains (I’ve already got up to 125kg). My out-of-season weight is around 108-110kg, for 98kg at the weigh-in. My training is always pretty heavy, with a few lighter sessions to take the pressure off my joints. I don’t have a set routine all year round – I tend to do what I feel I need to. I take on about 4500 calories a day out of season, and go down to about 2500 when I’m in training, with some variation from day to day. My basic diet consists of rice, pasta, white meat, fish (lots of tuna), minced beef (5% fat), eggs, cottage cheese (0% fat), vegetables and fruit.

When I’m preparing for competition, I start training between three and four months in advance. I used to start about two months in advance, but I was always very tired and I lost a fair amount of muscle mass as a result. This allows me to lose weight slowly, and avoids sudden energy crashes! I train with fairly heavy weights right up to the end, and I do a bit more cardio than usual during this period. I reduce my intake of carbohydrates little by little, and increase my protein to about 300-350g per day. Sometimes I take a sugar supplement to boost my metabolism, but nothing too drastic. I drink a lot of water, and as far as supplements go I take BCAAs, proteins, creatine, carnitine, vitamin/mineral pills, glutamine, fat burners and anti-oxidants.


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