Alain Petriz - WPF Mr. Universe 2009 - Masters Over 50



02. Birthday and Birthplace : January 07, 1957 in Navarrenx (France)

03. Current Home : Talant (France)

04. Family : Divorced 5 years ago, two beautiful childrens CAROLINE and FRANCK 

05. Height : 6' 00"

06. Weight : 226 lbs actually

07. Eye's color : Brown and green

08. Hair's color : Brown (with more and more white hair!)

09. Future projects : To finish the job in 5 years... then to go perhaps to the South in Spain next to

the sea

10. Best movie I saw was : Midnight Express, Apocalypse Now, La Déchirure

11. An advice to young bodybuilders : Be patient and perseverant... without work and sacrifice 

you can't do anything!

12. A movie that you would like to make : A movie with ARNOLD

13. Favorite actor : De NIRO, Al PACINO, Bruce WILLIS, Dustin HOFFMAN

14. Favorite actress : Meryl STREEP

15. What CD in my player right now : I absolutely listen everything! From the old ones as Joe

COCKER, Phil COLLINS, to Rap, RnB, Groove, Latino, etc.

16. Favorite Soccer team : Brazil, France... also Italy. As club: the BARCA, Inter, Arsenal

17. Magazines I read : Muscles & Fitness, Le Monde du Muscle, Flex, Bodyfitness

18. Hobbies : Internet and reading: I read enormously (and not only magazines of muscles). The whole

sport in general

19. Favorite Sports : Besides the Bodybuilding... the rugby, wrestling, catch, boxe

20. Favorite Bodybuilder : Arnold sure! Shawn RAY, Kevin LEVRONE, Milos SARCEV

21. Favorite Bodybuilder today : Ronnie because is the n° 1, Darrem CHARLES, Ahmad HAIDAR

22. Favorite French Bodybuilder : Serge NUBRET

23. Major accomplishments : WPF Mr UNIVERSE Runner-up in 2002

24. People always think I am : simple, approachable... attached to the job and the gym

25. If I could change one thing about myself : my ears

26. Three words to describe me : brave, tenacious, hard to die

27. My current cars : Renault Safrane dti 2.2

28. Car of my dreams : BMW 530D

29. My favorite food : A good white wine.. in a balcony with sea and a good dish of paella

30. Food I hate : La choucroute: beurk!

31. My ideal vacation : The sun, the sea and the girl that I love.. and a well equipped gym in the


32. The longest trip : LAOS / Gone in airplane and return with the ship (one month)

33. My favorite excercise : Squat, while at the beginning I hated him

34. How many times I train my body : 8-10 hours a week

35. Favorite number : Number 7

36. Favorite color : Black

37. All my past jobs : Teacher of swimming, beach-attendant, police officer

38. Last gift I received : A necklace with a pendant

39. Anyone I would like to give special thanks : All those that have succeeded in bearing

40. The best moment of my life : My children's birth

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